Friday, April 6, 2012

GladRags Review and Giveaway

I was so excited to be able to try GladRags! I had never used cloth pads before, but after being converted to cloth diapers it seemed like the natural next step. This is what I received in the mail:

The pads are sooo soft. Here's one opened up:

This is the back of the pad (that goes against your underwear), which has a pocket for inserts.  

Each regular pad comes with two inserts. You can use one insert for a light day or both for a heavier day. I like to use the pad without inserts as a panty liner. 

This is the backside, snapped up. I found that it seemed a wee bit too tight/narrow for my underwear, but maybe it's supposed to be tight so it doesn't slide around. 

There are different ways to deal with cloth pads. You can store your dirty pads in a wet bag or in a container of water under your sink. You'll want to rinse them out or soak them as soon as you can if you don't want them to stain, though. You can easily rinse them out and then throw them in a lingerie bag to wash with your other laundry, or hand wash them right away. I was sad that I can't wash them with my diapers, because they need to be washed in cold or warm water. 

Here is my comparison of GladRags pads to disposable pads:

GladRags are BETTER because:

-No crackly packages
-No trash to throw away
-No sticky parts sticking to things
-No more rashes caused by plastic
-They're softer/comfier
-They're prettier
-I don't have to go out and buy more every month
-My HUSBAND doesn't have to go out and buy any if there's an emergency

Disposable pads are BETTER because:

-I don't have to wash them
-They can be more trim and thin

Now how do YOU think they compare?

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  4. i like how you put the insert into the part that snaps onto your panties. makes it easier to wash and quicker to dry

  5. I read about how menstruations are perceived and celebrated across the world. Quite interesting to see that something many women are uncomfortable with or ashamed of in Western cultures is a reason to celebrate in other cultures.

  6. I read about how they donate to Uganda and that menstruation is one of the main reasons girls drop out. Definitely a worthy cause!!

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  9. I read about the history of menstruation. Very interesting how the perceptions have changed over the years...

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