Saturday, March 31, 2012

OsoCozy AIO vs. Thirsties Duo AIO

Here is a Thirsties Duo AIO size 2 (18-40 lbs, left) next to an OsoCozy AIO sizse 2 (18-35 lbs, right). Both are the larger size, but you can see that the OsoCozy is actually larger. It is more trim between the legs, but larger overall. 

The OsoCozy has Aplix fasteners, while the Thirsties has snaps.  The rise on the Thirsties can also be adjusted. 


The Thirsties can be stuffed if more absorbency is needed. 

Look how thick the pad is! (It is also open at both ends, which makes stuffing easier).

The OsoCozy is thinner overall, giving it a more trim fit (and just as much absorbency).

The inside of the Thirsties is a soft polyester microfiber, but OsoCozy is cotton gauze weave fabric (not as soft, but natural). 

OsoCozy has a waterproof front that helps to prevent leaks that the Thirsties does not have. 

 Here is a better size comparison. The OsoCozy fits my 35 lb toddler, but the Thirsties doesn't even come close. It fits my 16 lb baby perfectly though. To see the fit of the OsoCozy on a 35 lb toddler and to see more photos, click HERE.

Both of these diapers can be purchased at Check out the comparison chart below:

OsoCozy AIO (size 2)                                           Thirsties Duo AIO (size 2)

PRICE PER DIAPER                                            $15.75 for solid                     

POCKET FOR INSERT                                                  Y

WATERPROOF FLAP IN FRONT                                         N

          N                                                          SNAPS                                                               Y

          N                                      SOFT FABRIC AGAINST BABY                                    Y

          Y                                       NATURAL FABRIC AGAINST BABY                                 N
          N                                              SNAPS FOR THE RISE                                               Y
          Y                                             FITS MY 35 LB TODDLER                                            N
         N                                                 FITS MY 16 LB BABY                                                Y

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