Monday, March 12, 2012

Booty Buns vs. Fuzzibunz Comparison Review

Earlier this week, I did a review and giveaway on Booty Buns diapers. Today I'd like to compare the Booty Buns diaper to a Fuzzibunz One size diaper

Here is the Fuzzibunz diaper on top of the Booty Buns diaper, with both diapers set to the largest setting:

-The Fuzzibunz is narrower
-The Booty Buns has more coverage in the front

Here are the two diapers set to the smallest rise:

The Booty Buns diaper has double gussets, but the elastic looks more comfortable in the Fuzzibunz.

The Booty Buns diaper has one hip snap and two front snaps, while the Fuzzibunz has two hip snaps and one front snap. I would love to see a diaper that has two hip snaps AND two front snaps. 

The Booty Buns has a waterproof flap on the front of their diapers. The insert can also be inserted from the front or the back, which allows the insert to agitate out in the wash. 

The large Booty Buns insert is larger than the large Fuzzibunz insert, and their small insert is smaller than the Fuzzibunz small insert. Also, the Booty Buns inserts snap in. 

Snapped at its smallest, the Booty Buns diaper features crossover snaps. The Fuzzibunz does not have crossover snaps, so although you could snap the diaper as small as shown below, I found it to be quite awkward because there was no place for the extra snaps to go. Also, the rise on the Booty Buns is higher in front. 

At its largest setting, the Booty Buns diaper can be used as training pants, thanks to the elastic in the back. 

Here is a photo of the Fuzzibunz on my 14 lb. baby. We have issues with the fit. I think the Fuzzibunz would work better on babies with fatter legs.

And here is the Fuzzibunz on my 35 lb. toddler (along with his sister's helping hand...). It's almost too tight. 

For photos of how the Booty Buns diapers fit, go HERE

Below is a chart comparing the two diapers (***Currently the Booty Buns diapers are on sale for $25.50!***)

Booty Buns                                               Fuzzibunz One Size

      $29.00 (+ $6 s/h)                     
PRICE PER DIAPER                       $19.95                    
INSERT SNAPS IN                             N

DOUBLE GUSSETS                            N


BACK FLAP                                N


          Y                                               OVERLAPPING SNAPS                    N

          Y                                            INCLUDES WIPE AND LINER              N


          N                                                 TWO SIDE SNAPS                           Y

          Y                                                 TWO FRONT SNAPS                        N

         N                         REPLACABLE ELASTIC TO CONTROL RISE        Y

         Y                                                 SNAPS FOR THE RISE                      N

        Y                                                 ELASTIC IN THE BACK                      N


  1. I know that alot of people love fuzzibunz-I am just not one of them. I bought like 5 of them once and regret the waste of money. I think the rise is way to low and the fit is awkward. I do have a baby with fluffy little legs and they don't fit any better. and to be honest I don't want to have to adjust elastic in the legs. I have yet to try the booty buns, but with this review they look even better than I had origanlly thought them to be, I can't wait to try them!