Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Introducing Ecopipo!

Ecopipo - Cloth Diapers

I am so excited to share about a Mexican cloth diaper company with you today! My family lived in Mexico for about seven years, so Mexico has a part of my heart.

The company is called Ecopipo. You may have to click "translate" in order to read their website in English (but if you do, please remember that Google isn't the best at translating, and some of the phrases will sound a bit weird!).

These are the types of Ecopipo diapers, according to their website: Snaps (solids), Minky (patterns with velcro), Velcro (solids), New Born (solids), and even diapers for older children and adults.  

Ecopipo also sells training pants, swim diapers, wet bags, wipes, flushable liners, nursing pads and Mama cloth.

Their diapers sell for 300 Mexican pesos, which is about $23.56.

I was so excited to receive samples of these diapers! I received one Minky (velcro), one Velcro (solid) and one print (velcro). Velcro is not a favorite of mine, but this velcro is STRONG, stronger than the hook and loop on any of my other diapers. I love the deep flap in the back!

These diapers also feature double gussets, and great elastic in the back. They're so soft on the inside! My favorite is the Minky, which is oh-so-soft on the outside!

The training pants are awesome as well. :) These are constructed like an all-in-one.

The training pants have two snaps on each side for easy removal. 

The Mama cloth is made like an all-in-one diaper as well (which I really like!) with the same soft fabric on the inside as on the inside of their diapers...

... and with a layer of PUL on the back side, like the diapers! I know from personal experience that these are comfortable and thin enough that you forget you're wearing them. 

That's all for today! Do you know of any great diaper companies that aren't very well-known? I'd love to hear about them if you do! 

I'll be comparing the Ecopipo diapers to other diapers soon. What should I compare them to?

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