Saturday, March 31, 2012

OsoCozy AIO vs. Thirsties Duo AIO

Here is a Thirsties Duo AIO size 2 (18-40 lbs, left) next to an OsoCozy AIO sizse 2 (18-35 lbs, right). Both are the larger size, but you can see that the OsoCozy is actually larger. It is more trim between the legs, but larger overall. 

The OsoCozy has Aplix fasteners, while the Thirsties has snaps.  The rise on the Thirsties can also be adjusted. 


The Thirsties can be stuffed if more absorbency is needed. 

Look how thick the pad is! (It is also open at both ends, which makes stuffing easier).

The OsoCozy is thinner overall, giving it a more trim fit (and just as much absorbency).

The inside of the Thirsties is a soft polyester microfiber, but OsoCozy is cotton gauze weave fabric (not as soft, but natural). 

OsoCozy has a waterproof front that helps to prevent leaks that the Thirsties does not have. 

 Here is a better size comparison. The OsoCozy fits my 35 lb toddler, but the Thirsties doesn't even come close. It fits my 16 lb baby perfectly though. To see the fit of the OsoCozy on a 35 lb toddler and to see more photos, click HERE.

Both of these diapers can be purchased at Check out the comparison chart below:

OsoCozy AIO (size 2)                                           Thirsties Duo AIO (size 2)

PRICE PER DIAPER                                            $15.75 for solid                     

POCKET FOR INSERT                                                  Y

WATERPROOF FLAP IN FRONT                                         N

          N                                                          SNAPS                                                               Y

          N                                      SOFT FABRIC AGAINST BABY                                    Y

          Y                                       NATURAL FABRIC AGAINST BABY                                 N
          N                                              SNAPS FOR THE RISE                                               Y
          Y                                             FITS MY 35 LB TODDLER                                            N
         N                                                 FITS MY 16 LB BABY                                                Y

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ecopipo Giveaway

Ecopipo - Cloth Diapers
G2 LadybugsG2 LavenderGranja

I would like to inform you of an INTERNATIONAL Giveaway! Ecopipo has graciously provided diapers for a giveaway! They are providing THREE diapers: One solid, one pattern, and one minky! To learn more about their diapers and to see more pictures, go HERE. This contest is International!

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Introducing Ecopipo!

Ecopipo - Cloth Diapers

I am so excited to share about a Mexican cloth diaper company with you today! My family lived in Mexico for about seven years, so Mexico has a part of my heart.

The company is called Ecopipo. You may have to click "translate" in order to read their website in English (but if you do, please remember that Google isn't the best at translating, and some of the phrases will sound a bit weird!).

These are the types of Ecopipo diapers, according to their website: Snaps (solids), Minky (patterns with velcro), Velcro (solids), New Born (solids), and even diapers for older children and adults.  

Ecopipo also sells training pants, swim diapers, wet bags, wipes, flushable liners, nursing pads and Mama cloth.

Their diapers sell for 300 Mexican pesos, which is about $23.56.

I was so excited to receive samples of these diapers! I received one Minky (velcro), one Velcro (solid) and one print (velcro). Velcro is not a favorite of mine, but this velcro is STRONG, stronger than the hook and loop on any of my other diapers. I love the deep flap in the back!

These diapers also feature double gussets, and great elastic in the back. They're so soft on the inside! My favorite is the Minky, which is oh-so-soft on the outside!

The training pants are awesome as well. :) These are constructed like an all-in-one.

The training pants have two snaps on each side for easy removal. 

The Mama cloth is made like an all-in-one diaper as well (which I really like!) with the same soft fabric on the inside as on the inside of their diapers...

... and with a layer of PUL on the back side, like the diapers! I know from personal experience that these are comfortable and thin enough that you forget you're wearing them. 

That's all for today! Do you know of any great diaper companies that aren't very well-known? I'd love to hear about them if you do! 

I'll be comparing the Ecopipo diapers to other diapers soon. What should I compare them to?

Winners!! (3/27)

The winner of the CJ's is Sarah J.

The winner of the Booty Buns is Christine K.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Booty Buns Lifetime Supply Giveaway

Booty Buns Giveaway Event
Welcome to the Go Green ♥ Give Charity Cloth Diaper Giveaway Event sponsored by Booty Buns Cloth Diapers! Over 175 blogs have teamed up to present this amazing cloth diaper giveaway hosted by Daily Mothering.
Here's your chance to win an entire stash of one-size cloth diapers!

This amazing cloth diaper prize pack includes:

20 Booty Buns One-Size Cloth Diapers
(these true one-size cloth diapers fit 3-45 lbs!)
20 matching flannel/terry cloth wipes
40 microfiber inserts
20 cotton flannel liners
Booty Buns Cloth Diaper Giveaway
(picture does not show inserts or liners also included)

First, a little about Booty Buns...

Booty Buns One-Size Cloth Diapers
In case you haven't heard about them, Booty Buns Cloth Diapers are incredible one-size cloth diapers that truly fit from birth to potty training! They feature a snap-down rise with 5 different snap settings (most one-size diapers only have 3!) and a waist with 10 regular snap settings plus 2 crossover snap settings. The diapers have hip snaps to prevent wing droop on smaller sizes. The incredible size range of this diaper fits from 3-45 lbs!
Booty Buns One-Size Cloth Diapers
Booty Buns Cloth Diapers are pocket diapers and each diaper includes 2 snap-on microfiber inserts that can be stuffed into the diaper or laid on top with the included cotton flannel liner against your child's skin. The diapers have a waterproof PUL outer and a soft suedecloth inner with duel gussets on the inner lining to ensure everything stays IN the diaper! Booty Buns One-Size Cloth Diapers come in an assortment of bright colors and each diaper includes a matching handmade flannel/terry wipe. You can find out more about the diapers at Booty Buns, or check out the detailed Booty Buns One-Size Cloth Diaper Review at Daily Mothering!
Booty Buns Cloth Diapers
Booty Buns is dedicated to encouraging others to "go green" and "give charity." Shannon, the owner of Booty Buns Cloth Diapers, leads by example. For every diaper that Booty Buns sells, she donates one Booty Buns Cloth Diaper to a child in need in a third-world country. Shannon hopes to donate a lifetime supply of cloth diapers {20 diapers} to every baby in need around the globe. You can join in this effort by purchasing your own set of Booty Buns Cloth Diapers and telling your friends about Booty Buns!
Make sure to stop by and follow Booty Buns via Facebook, Twitter and Blog for news and giveaways!

And now for the giveaway!!

Booty Buns Cloth Diaper Giveaway
ONE WINNER will receive this gigantic cloth diaper prize pack valued at $546!
And, the winner will get to select their choice of diaper colors!
This giveaway is open to U.S. and Canada.
Use the Rafflecopter form below to enter.
Sign in using your Facebook account OR your name and email address.
Click "Do It" for instructions on how to complete each entry.
There is no mandatory entry. Complete as many entries as you wish.
The more entries you submit, the better odds you have of winning!

OsoCozy Review and Giveaway from sent me an OsoCozy diaper to try! I love the name of this diaper. "Oso" means "bear" in Spanish. This is what they sent me:

 The OsoCozy diaper at comes in two sizes: 1 (6-18 lbs) and 2 (18-35 lbs). I asked for size 2 to use for my 35 lb son. The diaper has cotton on the inside (this one is unbleached) and hook and loop closure (not my favorite, but makes for better sizing!).

The OsoCozy diaper is different than any other diaper in my stash, because there is no liner that stuffs, snaps, or lies in the diaper. The lining is sewn in. This diaper would be great for someone new to cloth diapering, someone who does not want the hassle of stuffing liners into a pocket diaper, or for going out when someone else will be changing baby. Of course, an extra liner can always be laid in the diaper if needed, although I have had no problems with leaking.  

Here is how the diaper fits my son:

I love how trim this diaper is! 

I had minor issues in just one area: The diaper takes so long to dry! I air dry all of my diapers. The pockets dry in about 12 hours, the all-in-ones with pull-out liners dry in about 24 hours, and the OsoCozy dried in about 36 hours. Of course, if you use a dryer this would not be a problem. 

All in all, this is a great diaper to have in your stash. I get excited when it's finally dry! At $14.95 each, this is a sturdy, well-priced all-in-one diaper. 

You can purchase the OsoCozy diaper HERE or enter the Rafflecopter form below to win one of your own! The winner will receive one OsoCozy diaper in the color and size of their choice!

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Birth Story #1 (Hospital)

Today I thought I'd share my first birth story with you. Enjoy! You can also read about my second birth (a home birth!) HERE

In Labor!
On Friday night, June 26th, 2009, I was concerned by the feeling that something was falling out of me. I checked myself, and found that something WAS coming out. I was pretty sure the bag of waters was beginning to sag outside me, and the water was about to break.
At 3:30 a.m. on Saturday I woke up to go to the bathroom. I felt wet and when I sat down I found that the panty liner I was wearing was soaked pink. I was pretty sure my water had broken, so I woke up my parents and husband, Aaron.
We gathered our things to go to the hospital. I was frustrated and sleepy. I was not having any contractions, and I didn’t want to go be in the hospital to be in labor all day. I was also concerned that since the contractions hadn’t started yet, perhaps interventions might be necessary.
During the 15 minute drive to the hospital, I began to have contractions. At first they were not painful, but they became progressively difficult. By the time we reached the hospital and I got out of the van, I had a contraction that was so hard I had to stop and lean on Aaron until it passed. We got upstairs and the nurses worked on paperwork while I stood for what seemed like an eternity at the counter. I had a difficult time maintaining my composure during the contractions, and occasionally had to kneel down during a contraction.
At the Hospital
Finally they sent me to a room to check me, but I could not make it down the hallway so they gave me a wheelchair. I had to go to the bathroom before they checked me out, and as I stood up from the wheelchair fluid gushed out as my water broke even more. Aaron came in to help me put on the hospital gown, and I felt panicky about the entire experience, but Aaron helped me to calm down.  
Somehow I was moved to a small room and they attached a fetal monitor around my stomach to gauge the baby’s heartbeat and the contractions. The nurse came in and had me sign papers at this time. I was on my back and very uncomfortable. The contractions were two minutes apart by this time, and I was dilated 7 cm and fully effaced.
As I lay there, I focused on relaxing through the contractions and thinking about the baby moving down and coming out. I knew that if I was relaxed, he would have an easier time coming out, and the labor would be quicker and less painful. I told myself that I was not experiencing pain, because pain is a signal that something is wrong. I focused on the thought that this is something entirely different—it is labor, not pain. THIS feeling was a good feeling, because it was causing the baby to be born.

The Birthing Pool
After an eternity, I was walked down a long hallway (so it seemed, but it was actually only a few doors down) to the birthing room. I lay on my side on the bed as my dad and Aaron set up the birthing pool. This time seemed to pass very quickly. I was soon helped into the pool, where I felt immediate relief. I thought, “This isn’t going to be so bad, after all!” The water relaxed me and I felt so much better. I rested on Aaron and used a noodle for balance. However, as the contractions became more difficult and closer together, I began to feel panicky because there was no hard surface to rest on. I felt insecure and wanted a stool or something to lift me out of the water somewhat. I felt like I was going to drown (even though Aaron was holding me securely), so it was more difficult to relax (later I learned the water was too deep--I couldn't sit comfortably). 
I also began to feel the urge to push, so I got out of the tub to go to the bathroom. I remember my mom telling me not to have the baby in the toilet. :) I got into the tub again, and in addition to feeling insecure during contractions, I also began to feel overwhelmingly hot. I wanted to get out of the tub.
I was then moved back to the bed. I was wet, but I didn’t care, because the wetness helped me to cool off. I felt like a normal person for a moment between contractions as I rested on my side on the bed, and I just wanted to fall asleep and rest… but the contractions weren’t letting off any, so I couldn’t relax very well.

Worst Part of Labor and Transition
The midwife came in and asked if I wanted to push on the bed, on the birthing stool, or in the water. Three options were too many for me to consider because of the pressure I was feeling from the baby, so I just said, “I don’t know.” I didn’t want the birthing pool, and when the midwife said something about how the birthing stool was “murder on a first time mom’s perineum,” the matter seemed to be decided, so I stayed on the bed.
I was most comfortable halfway between my side and my back, and I think I switched sides at least once. I kept feeling hot and cold at the same time, so I would ask for a cool cloth, and then once it was on my head I felt cold and asked that it be removed. My doula fanned me and placed the cloth on my head.
The details at this time become fuzzy, and I remember things clearly, but not in chronological order. Aaron stroked me where I asked until I asked him to, “DON’T TOUCH ME!”

Pushing and Delivery
As the pushing became more intense, I remember the midwife saying that it would only take about three pushes for the baby to come out. I did my best to push hard, but after three pushes I was tired and frustrated that the baby hadn’t come yet. People kept saying “you’re almost there,” and then “I see the head!” but I am certain I had to push many times more than only three as the midwife had predicted.
I began to be overcome by the pressure and the intensity of the pushing, so I began to pass out. The feelings that accompanied losing consciousness felt GOOD. I WANTED to pass out and be away from the situation. I was getting mad at everyone for saying that I HAD to push, and that I COULD push, when I just wanted to stop and rest for a while. I felt like I was being pushed harder than I could have pushed alone. I would have taken it easier and tried to rest more if they had let me.  
During the final pushes, the baby was coming out and I knew that the hardest part was over. I was so tired of pushing and of being overcome with the strong feelings and of the inability to communicate at all or to take a rest. I didn’t like the way it felt as the midwife rubbed around the baby’s head. I wanted her to leave me alone, and I wanted everyone to be quiet, but there wasn’t any way for me to tell them these things. Therefore, as the final pushing was taking place and I knew I didn’t need to reserve energy, I screamed out my frustration and painful feelings. It was a scream of triumph as well. I was irritated that they said I was “losing control” because I knew exactly what I was doing and screamed because I felt like it.
My son was born at 7:59 a.m. on Saturday.
Aaron cut the cord, which I couldn’t see because I didn’t have my glasses on, and then they took Josiah away to clean him. I was upset that I hadn’t had a chance to look at him. I wish they had held him up for me to see, or at least taken a picture for me. If they did hold him up, it was too far away because my glasses weren’t on. I wanted to hold my baby.

The first time I got up, I passed out. I had lost a lot of blood from (a) the (unneeded) episiotomy and (b) from pushing too hard when the midwife forced me to (both because the midwife was in a hurry). I pushed so hard, I broke blood vessels in my face and had blood-red spots all over my cheeks. I was weak for weeks from the blood loss, and the episiotomy took months to heal. I didn't get to see my baby until he had been cleaned and clothed and I felt like I missed out. 

Overall, I was not happy with my hospital birth experience. But here are the good things:

(1) The entire process took 3.5 hours from first contraction to delivery (4.5 hours from when 
my water broke)
(2) I had an unmedicated birth with no major complications
(3) I gave birth to a healthy 7 lb, 5 oz baby boy on June 27th, 2009
(4) I absolutely loved staying in the hospital for two days afterward! People brought me food 
and gifts, and I could spend all my time with my son without any chores or anything. :)

Poor baby with drops in his eyes and not being held by his Mama...

So tired... 

Monday, March 19, 2012

Sneak Peek: $500+ Cloth Diaper Giveaway Starts Saturday!

Booty Buns Cloth Diaper Giveaway

Would you like to win a LIFETIME SUPPLY of cloth diapers?!

The Go Green ♥ Give Charity Cloth Diaper Giveaway Event sponsored by Booty Buns Cloth Diapers starts this Saturday, March 24th! Over 175 blogs are coming together to present this fantastic fluffy giveaway hosted by Daily Mothering. Mark your calendar because you don't want to miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to win an entire stash of one-size cloth diapers!

ONE WINNER will receive a gigantic cloth diaper prize pack valued at $546! And, the winner will get to select their choice of diaper colors!

This amazing prize pack will include:

20 Booty Buns One-Size Cloth Diapers (these true one-size cloth diapers fit 3-45 lbs!) 20 matching flannel/terry cloth wipes 40 microfiber inserts 20 cotton flannel liners

Booty Buns Cloth Diaper Giveaway

(picture does not show inserts or liners also included)

This giveaway will be open to U.S. and Canada.

Come back March 24-31 for your chance to win it all!


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Weaning Without Me

I always wanted to nurse for a long time. For me, "a long time" would be about 18 months, since most women in my family nursed less than a year, if at all.

Nursing: Take 1

My son gained only 6 ounces in the first 8 weeks of his life. Here he is at 8 weeks old: So skinny!

He nursed like a starving baby, furiously sucking for almost an hour every 2-3 hours around the clock. His diapers were always soaked, but he was still always hungry. 

I was a new mama, afraid that I would somehow accidentally kill my baby. The doctor put my poor baby through numerous tests, doing x-rays and drawing so much blood I was ready to attack the nurse who was using a needle almost as big as his arm. 

Finally, they determined that he was perfectly healthy, without any metabolic problems, albeit far too thin. I began to supplement with a bottle of formula every day. My son gained nearly a pound that first week, and soon learned that the bottle was more satisfying than the breast.

I would hold him to my breast as he struggled and screamed, tears pouring down my cheeks as I tried to just get some relief. He weaned himself in three days. I felt like I had somehow failed him for not providing what he needed.

Nursing: Take 2

Fast forward 11 days shy of two years, and I gave birth to a healthy baby girl at home. I took my daughter to the doctor's office to be weighed every few weeks, and watched the scale closely to track her weight gain. After 4 months I was satisfied that my daughter wouldn't have the problems her brother had, as she weighed 12 pounds and was gaining well.

But by 7 months she had lost a pound and weighed only 11 lbs.

In all other areas she was doing well, excelling really. She was sitting up, crawling, and pulling to a standing position. But she was so thin, and I had so many negative memories from the previous experience! 

I realized that it would be different this time, and that I didn't HAVE to move her to a bottle because she was old enough to eat solids. I added solids to her diet, but only gained a few ounces. I decided to start listening to my baby. She didn't want to nurse any more! Instead of nursing 6-7 times a day, I began to feed her 3 meals a day and snacks, nursing before each meal (nursing 4 times a day). 

My babies were both ready to wean without me. 

I think nursing was more important to me than it was to them. A few moments to snuggle, look into each others' eyes while a baby hand opens and closes around my fingers... I didn't want to let that go. I had several God-given breaks where I could sit down and rest and even close my eyes if I needed to. I had the perfect excuse to get away from things and people... "Do you have a quiet room? I need to nurse the baby."


After we switched to formula, my son gained about a pound a week. Now he is a healthy almost-3 year old, weighing in at the 75th percentile. 

My daughter is 9 months old now. She has been gaining weight rapidly (3 pounds in 4 weeks!), and has dropped one of the daytime nursing sessions. She doesn't miss it--I do. 

Her doctor has suggested that my children may each have an extremely high metabolism, which is very likely, given the evidence. My son can eat 3 pieces of pizza, or two sandwiches at a meal, and my daughter eats as many as 3 jars of baby food in a meal in addition to her cereal. They keep clamoring for more! Also, neither my husband nor I have ever dieted, we both have big appetites, and we weigh the same amount (that's before I lose the baby weight, people!).

Everyone's nursing story is different. Yes, mother's milk is the best food out there for a baby, but not everyone can nurse. You are not a failure if you do not nurse. You are a good mama. Don't ever forget that. It'll be okay. Even if your baby happens to be weaning without you. 

CJ's BUTTer® vs. Coconut Oil

This will be a short review of how CJ's BUTTer® and Coconut Oil compare when used for diaper rash.

Coconut oil: 

Texture: Solid until you massage it a bit with your fingers, then it turns to a liquid. Greasy.
Smells like: Not anything really
Price: $8.99 for 31.5 oz. HERE (possibly cheaper at your local grocery store)
Barrier: Doesn't always provide a good barrier since the oil can be "rinsed" off when baby urinates
Reason you might choose it: Cheap, all natural, works with cloth diapers
Did it work for me? Yes! It took about a day and a half to clear a rash  

CJ's BUTTer®:

Texture: Nice spread-ability, greasy at first but soaks in to make skin soft
Smells like: Any of THESE options, or unscented
Price: $19 for 12 oz HERE
Barrier:  Provides a better barrier to help skin heal than coconut oil provides
Reason you might choose it: All natural, works with cloth diapers, can choose scents, better barrier protection
Did it work for me? Yes! It took almost a day to clear a rash 

Neither of these options worked as well for me as a medicated cream, but a medicated cream cannot be used with cloth diapers (unless you take certain precautions--like liners).

To learn about CJ's BUTTer®, see THIS post.
To learn more about coconut oil, see THIS post.

What's your favorite cloth-friendly rash cream??

(See, told you it would be short!)

Maybe I Should...

If I have an hour, maybe I should write something else on my blog.
Maybe I should catch up with an old friend.
Maybe I should clean my nasty kitchen.
Maybe I should exercise (for the first time in 2012).
Maybe I should play with my kids.
Maybe I should fold laundry, or bag up those things for Goodwill, or organize that landfill my son calls a bedroom, or do another of the thousand things that are still undone.

Maybe I should accept every interruption as an opportunity to practice patience and love.

 Maybe I should just pause for a moment, be quiet, and thank God that He has given me the freedom to choose what I do every day, every hour.

Maybe I should stop worrying about the maybes and start doing the things I need to be doing with a joyful heart.

I praise God for letting me be a homemaker.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

CJ's BUTTer® Review and Giveaway

CJ's BUTTer® graciously sent me samples to try! They came in cute little 1/2 oz jars. I love the sample size, because I have one in the diaper bag, one in my purse, one by my bed, one in the bathroom, one on my desk, and one... that I've lost (if you know me you won't be surprised!).

The texture of CJ's BUTTer® is unique. It's thicker than lotion or cream, yet it goes on just as smoothly. Right after putting it on your skin feels oily, but after a few minutes the BUTTer® dissipates and soaks in and the oily feeling vanishes. The Vegan formula was the same texture as the original. If you prefer a lotion, CJ's also sells Creamy Body Lotion

The first day I used CJ's on every person in our family:

-On my son's diaper rash (See HERE)
-On my daughter's eczema (more about that below)
-On my sunburn (soothed it)
-On my husband's grease burn

CJ's can also be used as a lip balm. For a (more) complete list of uses, go HERE

CJ's comes in a number of scents you can check out HERE. Below is a list of the ones I was able to try, and my opinion of each. 

Sensuality (ylang ylang and myrrh)- Although this scent is CJ's favorite, this one is probably my least favorite. But that's only because it smells just like the face cream my grandmother uses. If it were my husband who used it, I'd probably like it better. 
Lavender and Tee Tree Oil- I love this one! It smells exactly like the title says, and is my second favorite scent. 
Monkey Farts- This is another one that I do NOT like. According to the scent page, it "begins with top notes of fresh banana and juicy grapefruit, middle notes of kiwi, bubblegum, and strawberries; and a hint of vanilla as a base note." I'm pretty sure it's the banana and bubble gum that bothers me. My husband, on the other hand, loves this one! 
Pink Sugar- I love this one too! This one is hard to describe, and it's tied for second place with the Lavender and Tee Tree Oil in my opinion. Here is the scent combination: lemon drops, cotton candy, red fruit, fig leaves, caramel, raspberry, and vanilla-musk.
Blueberry Crumble-This one is my favorite! I could eat it right out of the jar! (and therefore do not dare use it as a lip balm). It smells like fresh blueberry muffins. (WARNING: It doesn't taste at all like it smells!)

The only problem I had with the CJ's cream is that my daughter's eczema became much worse after using the CJ's. According to her doctor, scented creams can worsen eczema. A CJ's Representative suggested trying the Lavender Tee Tree BUTTer®

The Lavender Tea Tree is one of our essential oil scents, so it does not contain any fragrance oils (like the Monkey Farts, Pink Sugar & Blueberry Crumble). Instead it contains both Lavender & Tea Tree essential oils, which are both known to help with treating eczema in and of themselves. In fact the 4 options that we recommend to people with eczema are Unscented (Natural), Lavender, Tea Tree & Lavender Tea Tree. If the Lavender Tea Tree seems to aggravate her eczema it may be that she actually has an allergy to one of the essential oils or another ingredient, which I just wanted to point out so that you can compare the ingredients to anything else that may cause irritation for her in the future. 

So if you want to use CJ's for eczema, go for the one of the four scents she recommends (I had been using the Blueberry Crumble... you know, because she's so cute you could just eat her up?). 

Use the Rafflecopter below to win some CJ's BUTTer® of your own! The winner will receive a 4 oz. Tube of BUTTer® in the fragrance of your choice!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, March 12, 2012

Booty Buns vs. Fuzzibunz Comparison Review

Earlier this week, I did a review and giveaway on Booty Buns diapers. Today I'd like to compare the Booty Buns diaper to a Fuzzibunz One size diaper

Here is the Fuzzibunz diaper on top of the Booty Buns diaper, with both diapers set to the largest setting:

-The Fuzzibunz is narrower
-The Booty Buns has more coverage in the front

Here are the two diapers set to the smallest rise:

The Booty Buns diaper has double gussets, but the elastic looks more comfortable in the Fuzzibunz.

The Booty Buns diaper has one hip snap and two front snaps, while the Fuzzibunz has two hip snaps and one front snap. I would love to see a diaper that has two hip snaps AND two front snaps. 

The Booty Buns has a waterproof flap on the front of their diapers. The insert can also be inserted from the front or the back, which allows the insert to agitate out in the wash. 

The large Booty Buns insert is larger than the large Fuzzibunz insert, and their small insert is smaller than the Fuzzibunz small insert. Also, the Booty Buns inserts snap in. 

Snapped at its smallest, the Booty Buns diaper features crossover snaps. The Fuzzibunz does not have crossover snaps, so although you could snap the diaper as small as shown below, I found it to be quite awkward because there was no place for the extra snaps to go. Also, the rise on the Booty Buns is higher in front. 

At its largest setting, the Booty Buns diaper can be used as training pants, thanks to the elastic in the back. 

Here is a photo of the Fuzzibunz on my 14 lb. baby. We have issues with the fit. I think the Fuzzibunz would work better on babies with fatter legs.

And here is the Fuzzibunz on my 35 lb. toddler (along with his sister's helping hand...). It's almost too tight. 

For photos of how the Booty Buns diapers fit, go HERE

Below is a chart comparing the two diapers (***Currently the Booty Buns diapers are on sale for $25.50!***)

Booty Buns                                               Fuzzibunz One Size

      $29.00 (+ $6 s/h)                     
PRICE PER DIAPER                       $19.95                    
INSERT SNAPS IN                             N

DOUBLE GUSSETS                            N


BACK FLAP                                N


          Y                                               OVERLAPPING SNAPS                    N

          Y                                            INCLUDES WIPE AND LINER              N


          N                                                 TWO SIDE SNAPS                           Y

          Y                                                 TWO FRONT SNAPS                        N

         N                         REPLACABLE ELASTIC TO CONTROL RISE        Y

         Y                                                 SNAPS FOR THE RISE                      N

        Y                                                 ELASTIC IN THE BACK                      N