Thursday, March 15, 2012

Maybe I Should...

If I have an hour, maybe I should write something else on my blog.
Maybe I should catch up with an old friend.
Maybe I should clean my nasty kitchen.
Maybe I should exercise (for the first time in 2012).
Maybe I should play with my kids.
Maybe I should fold laundry, or bag up those things for Goodwill, or organize that landfill my son calls a bedroom, or do another of the thousand things that are still undone.

Maybe I should accept every interruption as an opportunity to practice patience and love.

 Maybe I should just pause for a moment, be quiet, and thank God that He has given me the freedom to choose what I do every day, every hour.

Maybe I should stop worrying about the maybes and start doing the things I need to be doing with a joyful heart.

I praise God for letting me be a homemaker.

1 comment:

  1. OMG, these thoughts go through my mind too. Every day I wish if I could get atleast 1 hour of 'me' time. But then the very next sec, I thank god for all blessings.
    Glad to discover your blog!