Friday, November 30, 2012

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Bummis Beautiful Basic Cloth Diaper Kit Review

The Bummis Beautiful Basic Cloth Diaper Kit comes with 3 Organic Cotton Prefold inserts and 1 Bummis Super Whisper Wrap.

When I first got the Bummis prefolds, the first thing I noticed was how big and thick they are compared with a Gerber prefold (which I use for spit up rags). 

This isn't the clearest picture, but the Bummis (below) is MUCH thicker than the Gerber prefold. I'd have to use two Gerber prefolds to get the absorbency of one Bummi prefold. 

 Here is the inside of the Super Whisper Wrap. It's pretty basic, which I like. Velcro (on this model), flap to keep leaks in, good thick waterproof fabric and gussets that are neither too tight nor too loose.   

Here's a picture of it closed. Isn't this print pretty? 

This is a picture of my daughter modeling another Bummis wrap (these two covers fit the same). I need to work on my prefold skills though. The fitteds I use don't poke out as much. 

And... a view from the side. These covers hold everything in well. I like that they allow for extra "padding" in the back. 

So far, these are my favorite covers, velcro and all! (I'm a snap girl at heart, so it's got to be good velcro for me to like it!)

You can get this kit HERE for $20.95!