Monday, April 23, 2012

Ecopipo Vs. bumGenius

I had a hard time coming up with a diaper to compare with Ecopipo diapers. Since nothing in my stash is quite like it, I decided to compare it with something well-known, like a bumGenius.

Here are the two side by side. The Ecopipo is definitely larger, but also narrower in the crotch. The Ecopipo also has three settings for the rise, while the bumGenius has only two. However, the Ecopipo only has two snaps across, while the bumGenius has three.

Here is another shot, this time of the bumGenius on top of the Ecopipo. The front part of the diaper is wider on the bumGenius.

 I like the inside of the Ecopipo. There are double gussets and a snug flap on the back. The bumGenius, on the other hand, has a waterproof panel on the inside front. Both the bumGenius and the Ecopipo come in snaps or aplix.

 Since we've already determined which diaper is LARGER (the Ecopipo), here are the two side by side snapped on the smallest setting:

The leg holes on the bumGenius are quite a bit smaller. Here I can only fit in three fingers (oh no, my pinkie is missing!... lol)

I can nearly fit my entire hand into the leg hole of the Ecopipo when it is snapped on the smallest setting. (Note: if your baby has chunky thighs, then this is the diaper for you!)

Below is my attempt at a comparison chart. Have you tried these two diapers? What do you think about them?

Ecopipo                                                    bumGenius 4.0
$19.31 (or 255 Mexican pesos)     PRICE PER DIAPER                         $17.95                    

DOUBLE GUSSETS                           N


SNUG BACK FLAP                       N

          Y                                               OVERLAPPING SNAPS                   N

          Y                 HAS PLENTY OF ROOM FOR A 35 LB TODDLER      N


  1. It's odd because my daughter has chunky thighs, but no butt. At all. So the bumGenius diapers are our favorites, hands down. Now, if my next baby has "normal" thighs and has a butt, I might reconsider. ;)

    1. bumGenius work for both my kids, even the skinny one. :)