Monday, August 27, 2012

Second week of Preschool 2012

We've been having fun with Little Hands to Heaven preschool! This past week we learned about the letter "B." We made a masking tape "B" on the floor and covered it with "b-b-blocks." 

With each block my son said "buh buh buh," reinforcing the letter sound. 

We read about Noah's Ark. Here is a page from our Bible story book. I had this book when I was a child, so I was excited to see it again! This is an older version of the book, so if you get the newer one it has more modern pictures. We also have an original rhyme with hand motions that we read each week. Part of the rhyme for this week is, "The rains came down and the boat did float." I keep hearing my son saying "and the boat did float" as he plays with his toys. 

Since we read about Noah's Ark, we made a rainbow. I realized that he still doesn't have the manual dexterity to tear the pieces of paper efficiently. So we got to work on our coordination and finger strength as preparation for writing some day!

I drew each line of glue and he stuck on the paper in the correct color.

All finished! We also did several other fun things this week: A science experiment to see what floats and what doesn't, counting, color recognition, corresponding music, and acting out the stories. 

All in all, a very fun week! I've learned that art is my weakness. I just don't CARE. We've done more coloring and cutting and pasting the past two weeks than we've done in his entire lifetime.

 He loves it.

I just think about the mess and how there's one more piece of paper to stick in a box for all eternity or to clutter up my fridge or to throw away and feel guilty about.

I sing with my kids, I read to them, I play imaginary games, I race and count and point out colors and teach Spanish words and how to do chores... but art? I don't get it.

So please, tell me that our rainbow is fabulous and explain to me how art is essential to my child's development.

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