Saturday, July 28, 2012

Homeschooling, Time management, and Other Things

I've been reconsidering my blog.

I still love cloth. I still go online and enter giveaways and research the latest diapers. I EVEN still match up my daughter's diapers to match her clothing. HOWEVER, there's just so much more going on in my life than cloth diapering! I haven't had TIME to think about all things cloth-diaper related! I want to blog about other things as well... For instance, I've been struggling to become more organized (this is related to the lack of time). This struggle has led me to purchase the following resource, which can be purchased HERE

Now I'm not sure how it's going to work out yet, because it hasn't arrived yet. But I need to get in control of our routine around here, and am impressed by the reviews of this book which was written by a Christian homeschooling mom of 6.   

One of the reasons that I need to be more in control of my time is because school is about to start! 

I'm going to be teaching a Conversational Spanish class in our home soon, using THIS curriculum: 

Easy Spanish curriculum

If I don't get my home and schedule in order soon, I might forget about a class and have a group of students arrive at my house at 9 a.m. to find me in my pajamas eating a bowl of cereal, surrounded by toys and unfolded diapers! (yes, this is my reality!)

I'm also going to begin "school" with my three year old! He LOVES for me to read to him and play games with him, but I haven't been doing it enough! If we official start "school," then I'll HAVE to read with him! This year we're going to play with toys from My Father's World and read books from Sonlight. We're also going to color pictures and play games like Hi Ho Cherry-O and Cootie. and Doesn't this look like fun??

Toddler TotePMSPNumber ExpressShape SorterWee Sing Bible SongsTall Stacker

I like the books Sonlight suggests and absolutely LOVE what I see in My Father's World curriculum! I can't wait to start Kindergarten with my son!  Are any of you homeschoolers?

But this is a cloth diapering blog and I began to talk about why I haven't been blogging about cloth diapering stuff. Here's the crux of the issue: 

Do I start blogging about other things on my "Contemplate Cloth" blog?
Do I rename my blog to include other topics?
Or do I just scrap this blog and start a new one altogether? (don't think I could handle doing two blogs at once)

Any thoughts? 

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  1. I think you should just spill it all in your one blog! I do two blogs, one personal and one for my (hopefully-someday-business) sewing. I've noticed though that it is getting to be too much with two kids, a full-time job (I work in an office but still get to take my kids with me) the housework, the husband, you get the point... The thing is, we start our blogs with one intention and then our life spills over, I'm sure the other things in your life spill into your decisions about cloth diapering, so just run with it! If you feel it is a wee misleading at first, add on to your about page or add a little note to the side bar that explains why you started blogging and that it is growing, just like your kids! If you feel later on that you want to re-name, go for it!!!
    Best wishes!!!