Saturday, July 7, 2012

Dry Bees vs. OsoCozy

Below is a medium DryBees (left) and a large OsoCozy (right). The DryBees is made of microfiber whereas the OsoCozy is made of cotton. I appreciate the pocket in the DryBees for if additional absorbency is needed. 

The medium DryBees is almost as big as the large OsoCozy. I wish the DryBees had crossover tabs like the OsoCozy. 

The microfiber on the DryBees is softer than the cotton on the OsoCozy.

Both of these diapers are excellent. They are trim and easy to use. I like the price and crossover tabs of the OsoCozy, and the pocket and softness of the DryBees. It's a draw. :)

To learn more about the DryBees, go HERE.
To learn more about the OsoCozy, go HERE.

Below is a comparison chart of the two:

OsoCozy AIO                                                               DryBees AIO

PRICE PER DIAPER                                            $19.95

POCKET FOR INSERT                                                  Y

CROSSOVER TABS                                                     N

          N                                      SOFT FABRIC AGAINST BABY                                          Y

          Y                                       NATURAL FABRIC AGAINST BABY                                 N

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