Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Lotus Bumz vs. bumGenius

Earlier this week I posted a Lotus Bumz review and giveaway. Today I'll be comparing the Lotus Bumz with the bumGenius 4.0. 

Below you'll see the bumGenius on the left, and the Lotus Bumz on the right. These diapers are definitely shaped differently. The bumGenius is more contoured, and the Lotus Bumz is longer. 

Here are the two diapers at the largest setting. The bumGenius is wider at the top, but the Lotus Bumz is more generous in the crotch area. Also note the prints. I love the Lovelace print from bumGenius, but if you look HERE and HERE you'll see Lotus Bumz has many more prints available (bumGenius has only two; I counted 16 prints from Lotus Bumz). 

Here they are snapped to the smallest setting. The bumGenius is a bit smaller. 

But there are no hip snaps, so when it's snapped onto a very small, wiggly baby, the edges like to slip out of the diaper, like this: 

This isn't as much of a problem with the Lotus Bumz (see hip snap by my thumb). 

I also DISLIKE how the bumGenius insert snaps down (top). It annoys me and makes the diaper difficult to snap and bulky. 

Of course, if you need a longer insert the bumGenius can be unsnapped (but then I worry about the snaps chafing my child or the PUL fabric). I also like how the Lotus Bumz insert is so much softer than the bumGenius insert. 

The Lotus Bumz has a softer leg elastic.

I also love how the back flap is sewn on the Lotus Bumz. The flap is sewn down, so it can't fly up and doesn't need to be constantly tucked into the back of the diaper...

Unlike the bumGenius, which just flies up all the time, like this:

The bumGenius, however, has a nice waterproof area on the front of the diaper to help prevent leaks. 

So there's my comparison review! Be sure to check out the GIVEAWAY (ends 5/15). I also have a chart below:

Lotus Bumz                                                   bumGenius 4.0
$16.97                                     PRICE PER DIAPER                                     $17.95                   

HIP SNAPS                                                N

WATERPROOF FLAP IN FRONT                           Y

SNUG BACK FLAP                                        N

          N                      INSERT SNAPS TO DIFFERENT SIZES                     Y

          Y                         MORE THAN 2 AVAILABLE PRINTS                       N

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  1. This is such a weird review... in four years of diapering with bg. I have never had any of these issues you speak of. Lol. They come with two inserts so while the baby is smaller you can use the infant insert so its not bulky on a tiny baby. I have never had a snap bother the baby or the pull on the fabric. The sides of the diaper have never come out because there's no hip snap either. The back of the diaper has a flap to help keep poo in and it definitely does not come out the back of the diaper...ever. based on this review it sounds like you have never even put any of these diapers on children... Lotus bumz are rebranded China diapers that were ripped off from some other company. Also good luck on warranty if anything goes wrong with the Lotus bumz