Monday, February 20, 2012

Perfect Bum Diaper Review and Giveaway: Perfect Bum vs. gDiaper


 I had the privilege of testing a Perfect Bum diaper by Cocalo. According to Cocalo, "The Perfect Bum™ is an advanced reusable diaper system that offers style, functionality and comfort. It is the perfect eco-friendly alternative to traditional disposable diapers. The Perfect Bum reusable diaper system is a combination of fashion and functionality supported by years of research, testing and improvement. The Perfect Bum™ has four (4) unique patented features: Anchored-pocket, Hinged Closure on Tabs, Soft Edge Fastening Tabs, and the Tri-Fold Insert. The Perfect bum is the perfect choice for environmentally conscious, yet stylish parents."

 I received the Necklace/Leapord set, and it's incredibly cute, which was the first thing I noticed!

 The back of the diaper looks almost like blue jeans, with two little faux pockets....

And three belt loops!! (My husband does not understand why I'm so excited about the belt loops!)

The tri-fold insert surprised me by how absorbent it was, and how well the fabric against the skin wicks away the moisture. I thought my daughter was dry, but when I removed the insert, it was sopping wet! 

I had to know what was in the insert that was making it work so well:

 Unfastened, the front of the diaper has a wide white strip so you can attach the diaper as tight or loose as you need to.

The diapers come in three sizes: small (6-13 lbs), medium (12-20 lbs), and large (20-30 lbs). The Perfect Bum diaper we received is a medium, and my daughter weighs about 13 lbs. 

Here are some pictures of how well it fits her:

Comparison: Perfect Bum and gDiaper

 Here is the Perfect Bum diaper next to the gDiaper:

-The Perfect Bum fastens in the front (which I prefer) while the gDiaper fastens in the back (better for kids who have learned how to remove their diaper).

-The Perfect Bum's inner shell is sewn in, unlike the gDiaper's shell, which snaps in and out. The sewn in insert is not nice if you want to reuse the outer shell, but is nice because the gDiaper snaps occasionally rub against baby's sensitive skin.

-The Perfect Bum's inner liner is more snug and seems to hold in the insert better than the gDiaper's inner liner.

-BOTH come with disposable and washable inserts

-BOTH inner liners stained

 The Perfect Bum liner is sewn into the outer liner, which means it cannot be removed to be washed separately, but that it's more comfortable against baby's skin. 

The inner liner elastic on the Perfect Bum is soft, like felt, while the gDiaper's elastic is rubbery. 

The gDiaper is not always the best fit around my baby's skinny legs

Perfect Bum is more snug around the legs. 

 I almost forgot the best part:  Perfect Bum comes with a matching t-shirt!

Now, the only problem I had with the diaper was that the directions say to wash the diaper in COLD water. I wash my diapers in hot water, and I'm NOT going to wash one diaper all by itself! So I washed it in hot with the rest of my stash, and haven't had any problems with it (unless, of course, that's what caused the stain.)

Here's my summary:

PERFECT BUM                                               gDIAPER

      $16.99 (19.99 for t-shirt set)           
PRICE PER 1 DIAPER                $17.99                    

FASTENS IN THE FRONT                           N

INNER SHELL SNAPS OUT                          Y

LINER HOLDS INSERT SNUGLY                       N


LINERS STAINED                                   Y

          Y                                                      AWESOME BELT LOOPS                      N


You can buy a Perfect Bum diaper by going here, or you can win the Saving the Planet set below:

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